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What Days are you open?

We are open Mon-Sunday from 9-4 (or until we sell out)

Can I find your doughnuts anywhere else or do you wholesale?

No we don’t and we won’t! We want you to have the freshest doughnuts possible and we make them throughout the day so you can always get the best experience.

Do you always have the same menu?

We have some flavors we always have like our Mexican cinnamon sugar, choc-choc made with delicious vahlrona chocolate and Danny boy – our salted brown butter caramel but we rotate all other flavors and continuously changing and adding things as we are having fun in the kitchen!

Do your doughnuts have nuts in them?

Most of them don’t but we use a lot of different kinds of nuts in our kitchen and there might be traces of them

Are your doughnuts vegan?

Not for the moment but they are vegetarian!

Do you cater?

Yes we do! You can send us an email to or fill our catering form and someone will get back to you within 48 hrs.

Feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any other questions. Looking forward to welcoming you soon!